Ekaterina Volkova (1992, RU)

I am a graphic designer, artist and creative developer based in Amsterdam.

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Art & Research

As an artist and researcher, I explore distributed political tactics — from improvised voting strategies to the widespread circulation of AK-47 manufacturing techniques — as a response to large-scale political issues of suppression and conflict.

Although it is often inspired by Russian literature and anecdotes from my grandmother's life, my research converts into stories that are not tied to a specific geographical or societal context. What starts as a personal narrative is being put in the universal context to explore its resonance. My work consists of installations, performances and publications, and I often collaborate with Iskra Vukšić.


2016 MFA Designing Democracy, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2013 BA Graphic Design, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Graphic Design & Web

As a graphic designer and creative developer, I love working together with clients — other artists, cultural institutions and small brands — transforming our ideas into visual strategies.

I like things versatile, and that translates into my design practice. It can live on the web, on the shelf, on the wall or in somebody's pocket, printed, painted or coded — whatever the medium is, let's make it compelling, fruitful and interactive.

Commission me for:

Branding — Visual Identity System — Logo design — Illustration — Publication design — Printed materials — Web-design — Front-end development

Art Projects — Exhibitions — Collaborations